Become agile and remain relevant amidst the growing complexity in technology.
Embrace the digital transformation revolution and stay ahead of competition.

With rich knowledge and decades of experience in diverse business domains, Manu Media Works creates custom-tailored convergences of design, data, processes, and devices — delivering next-generation experiences to enterprises and their customers.
  • The lean and light ERP for SMEs ensuring perfect monitoring and through put while maintaining low TAT and business continuity.
  • Reach out to customers through multiple channels, raise a wealth of near-instant feedback, and deliver delighting customer experiences.
  • MMW GI expedites workflow, strengthens departments, and provides sharp insights enabling complete and holistic control of the adminstrative domain.

  • Involve parents, students, and staff and ensure their cooperation in accelerating learning and nurturing responsible and creative citizens of tomorrow.

Winning for clients


Manu Media Works provides visionary Digital Enablement solutions which are innovative and comprehensive, presently relevant and, yet, future-perspective.

Our profound experience in Digital Enablement including Mobile Solutions and Applications Development has positioned us in many government and business domains as trusted technology partners of our clients. By helping them optimally leverage their IT assets across their value chain, we empower governments to inform & engage citizens and enable businesses to delight customers and outpace their competitors.

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Driving by values


To be of genuine use to society by empowering people in doing their work of solving business & governance problems
To fulfil client requirements from business and governance perspectives while also considering technological & social perspectives.
To achieve maximum ROI and sustainability for our clients by innovating, re-engineering, and automating Business Processes and Services.
To foster & facilitate such cooperative, caring, and creative work environments that inspire the best output from every individual.

Evolving in concert


Given that today’s business environment is in a state of constant flux and innovation, MMW promotes a work culture that is agile, collaborative, and transparent – resulting in rapid and responsive client service. Combined with a collective can-do attitude and the enthusiasm to go that extra mile, we ensure outstanding performances – every single time.

We believe that it is the interconnectivity of our teams and associates across business units that help us attain more for our clients as well as for ourselves. Our proactive inter-departmental communication practices promote knowledge transfer and collaborated workflow. Our culture encourages and ignites our employees to bring their unique ideas to life the way they want and help change the world – with purpose and passion.