Enabling you to focus on instilling nation-building values, attitudes, and behaviours

Manu Media Works e-Academics enriches, enhances, & empowers institutions to achieve top performance while simultaneously reducing costs by streamlining processes and helping maintain discipline – in finances, in learning, in examinations, in attendance, and in conduct.

The time and effort saved can be spent on nurturing not only the talents, aspirations, and careers of wonderful young people but also their morals & ethics – preparing them to be nation builders.

With the coming of the Information Age, the expectations of students, parents, and industry have each transformed drastically.

To improve career options in line with their aspirations, students want more personalized coaching and more skills training while parents are looking for greater visibility and assurance about their children’s performance. Industry requires talented and skilled individuals with the attitude to keep learning and the passion to perform.

With the rapidly evolving educational landscape, educational institutions today are facing the demands of a new environment requiring much more transparency and accountability than ever before.

Customizable & scalable for diverse needs, e-Academics empowers your educational institutions of varied sizes and scales of operations to focus on delivering high-quality education by taking care of their entire administrative tasks through seamless automation. We help create an educational community that ensures better interaction between students, teachers, parents & institute management. It also helps the top management to make effective managerial decisions leading to better management of resources available in the institute.

Empowering Every Participant



  • Single management interface for the entire institution
  • Automated and quick report generation
  • Better interaction with other stakeholders involved
  • Ease in monitoring individual performances


  • Better access to library and other amenities
  • Enhanced learning experiences with practice tests
  • Improved data on lesson plans and assignments
  • Easy access to notices & activity calendars


  • Automation of attendance and grade management
  • Publishing assignments and announcements online
  • Interact easily with parents and students
  • Devote more time for teaching
  • Maintain student performance records


  • Better interaction with management and teachers
  • Ease in fee payments and requests for certificates
  • Access to information about their ward
  • SMS and email alerts on attendance, fees, events ,and performances
  • Find out the latest updates in school