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    Building dynamic solutions for effective digital governance
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    Keep a lid on Exploding operational & Maintenance Volumes
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    Plan ahead of overflowing urban perimeters
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    Keep pace with transforming functional areas
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    Get a grip on expanding Operational parameters
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    Reach & Maintain self-sustainability
MMW’s innovative e-government solutions support sustainable development and increase productivity and efficiency of public services through robust citizen-focused solutions.

Having over a decade of comprehensive experience with government requirements and processes, we rapidly design, develop, and deploy cloud and mobility-based technology solutions for various government bodies and departments.


Empowering administrators to reach out to every single citizen

Over a decade of experience
MMW's technical expertise AND our functional expertise in Government policies, procedures, & operations eliminate pains resulting from disparate systems:
  Dreaded drudgery
  Data transfer
  Errors & omissions
We also enable remote data-gathering & supervision, and where manual systems remain, we assimilate & incorporate them into our solution.

What About Me?

Government = All inclusive

As a society, we realize that Inclusiveness is essential to us
We want simultaneous recognition at many levels: Individual | Social | State
This means that, in actual effect, the Government's officers absolutely MUST deal with the entire population of the country – and some citizens of many neighbouring ones – all day, every single day, AND in multiple ways!

ICT & Citizen Engagement

Scale & Scope = Totality

The Government touches the life of every single individual
Meaning – every least detail or aspect MUST come under the purview of the concerned department
  Every person, every square kilometer, and every region
360° view is insufficient – a holistic, spherical view is required
Government is definitely NOT like a Business, so ICT experience with mere Business is NOT enough