Helping the world understand the beauty that is India - by enabling the tourist with smooth experiences.

Tourist Mobile Enablement & Engagement Platform

Facilitates Adherence

To the 7 ideals of tourism


Relevant & Timely Information

To enable faster response and decision making, Tourism 365 aggregates all necessary information about: Tourists (e.g. identity, interests, location), Staff (e.g. attendance, location), Accommodations & Venues (e.g. booking status).

As an example, this allows early prediction of attendance and, consequently, planning of arrangements.

Total Oversight

On all aspects such as

Accounts, Finance, & HRMS
Accommodations & Resorts
Assets & Properties
Booking & Ticketing
Complaints & Feedback
Events, Tours, & Venues
Mobile App for Tourists & for Officials

Key Outcomes

Get directly in touch with tourists

  • Mobile-first cloud-first solution
  • Our solution powers direct contact with tourists over their smartphones
  • Less hassle, more comfort, & more information – for the tourists as well as the Tourism Corporation

Enable a wide range of tourist touchpoints

  • Physical locations: Airports, railway stations, bus stations & shelters
  • Media locations: Websites, brochures, magazines, newspapers, & so on

Accelerate cash flow, Boost revenues

  • Speedy mobile ticketing allows tourists to book events/tours/cruises directly from their phones
  • Tourists can book as soon as they become interested

Get real-time analysis on every aspect of operations

  • Dashboard gives all the pertinent information at a glance

Empower Communities & Enrich Lives

  • Our solution greatly improves lives of community members, enabling them to showcase their culture and augment their income

Today's Tourist

Very tech-savvy

Mostly carries a smart phone

Expects information on the go

Would really love tailored information

Wants to mingle with the locals

Looking for unique & memorable local experiences & flavours

Wants convenience in attending local events

Some like to plan, some like randomness, and the rest like a mix of both

Turn every ad location into a touchpoint

Analytics on Individual Campaigns

Bird's-eye View of Campaign Operations