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    The winning combination: Your business acumen & eRA ERP
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    eRA – the lean & strong ERP platform designed to take your business to the next level
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    Streamline your business processes from start to finish

The need to manage increasing volumes of information with limited time and few resources represents a major challenge for running a successful business.

Our robust & fully scalable platform works to streamline your business processes and provides your business with actionable insights to help stay ahead of competitors. Further, with advanced business intelligence, smart accounting software, and other tools for business process improvement, it is designed to be customizable for any specific enterprise management needs of your organization.


Integrating fleet management, inventory management, and a host of other modules for construction projects, eRA ERP streamlines all finance, operations, and other aspects of project execution. eRA allows you to manage all stages of the Project Lifecycle from a centralized platform and helps in controlling the project by providing complete & instant access – empowering management & staff to obtain real-time data and thereby track & analyze costs, revenues, liabilities, performance, progress, & project profitability.


Using our light & strong eRA ERP, obtain real-time integrated data & analysis and drive growth – easily creating multi-channel revenue opportunities and improving the capability of your business to rapidly respond to evolving business & market needs. In addition to enhancing performance & productivity by managing operations, suppliers, customers, & employees, eRA helps reduce costs; for example, by enabling identification of excess inventory of parts & raw materials.


Across India, Manu Media Works is a pioneer in providing an ERP to shrines, achieving process rationalization & simplification and orders-of-magnitude increase in speed of operations while simultaneously increasing accountability & transparency. Our customizable and cost-effective ERP is engineered to meet even the most complex requirements of our clients in giving the management total control & all-round visibility of every wing of operations.


High ROI

Achieve ultra-high efficiency via real-time project awareness, tighter inter-departmental collaboration and company-wide cohesion.

Reduced Costs

Reduce operations & inventory costs through superior built-in planning, tracking, & forecasting modules.

Improved Finances

Track actual costs of activities and obtain a consolidated picture of sales, payables, and receivables.

Advanced CRM

Create better customer relations via rapid & highly accurate access to customer data coupled with nimble & strong business process logic.

Information Integration

Increase collaboration, reduce complexity, eliminate duplication, and access data from anywhere.

Complete Visibility

Analyze & compare functions across departments to gain better insights and to identify areas of improvement.

Complete customization

Easy management of new processes, departments and modules for the evolving business needs.

Device Agnostic

Work from your devices of choice and fully participate in workflows even while mobile, using our mobility-enabled system.

Strengthen security

With advanced user permission settings and limited access options, sensitive data can be secured and prevented from falling into the wrong hands.