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Manu Media Works empowers clients to define, develop, and execute IT strategy that is best-fit & security-rich, based on in-depth analysis of the client’s specific business needs & workloads while factoring in their plans for investment & growth.

We help plan, execute and manage a wide spectrum of enablement and enhancement services, providing state-of-the-art consulting and execution on the way to improved business performances.

Review business processes
Analyze & identify  pain points in the current processes

Redesign processes and create new process flows
Align new processes to industry standards
Create measures of success and Key Performance Indicators
Monitor & track performance to ensure success

Cloud Enablement

Using our comprehensive expertise in Cloud Services, we help our clients harness the power of the cloud to accelerate business outcomes and build future-ready capabilities. We also help rationalize & fully leverage IT investments by optimizing, scaling, and managing IT resources. Further, depending on customer needs, we build custom cloud applications and migrate existing data.

Our competitive solutions help simplify processes, modernize applications, and enable cognitive intelligence to help our customers make informed business decisions.

Mobile Enablement

Our mobility services merge business consultation with technology implementation to rapidly deliver a comprehensive mobility strategy to define the overall business priority for mobility and evolve a technology roadmap suited to the business needs.

We create unique mobile strategies to give our clients a holistic business development powered by the latest technologies, created in the simplest way possible and delivered efficiently by applying best practices and common sense.

Custom Solutions

Do you have a vision to fulfill a specific set of business and/or technical needs? We can bring it to life with our extensive expertise across many domains. We help you optimize your current business processes so you can effectively address both current and future challenges. Our end-to-end application support services will manage the entire life cycle for your new solution.

Also, we can transform existing applications by customizing and transitioning, as well as maintain them operationally to maximize efficiency. We help our clients gain value from their IT engagements through our application production and support approach, which enables growth and productivity through proactive management of IT.

Q.A. & Testing

MMW offers a range of services that combine the best resources with the proper methodologies to increase quality, reduce cost and drive improvement. Expert test engineers are an integral part of every project we work on to ensure the deliverables meet the most stringent quality standards.

We offer full-cycle testing and quality assurance services for desktop and mobile applications testing the product from different angles such as functionality, sustainability, usability, scalability, availability and security.


Expedite inter-team communication and collaboration.

Ensure that IT is a catalyst for business expansion.

Implement sophisticated analytics that deliver powerful insights.

Delimit enterprise boundaries and strengthen your global footprint.

Formulate a comprehensive IT strategy and ensure its robust execution.

Increase business agility through customized applications and platforms.

Design, execute, and/or redesign applications for improved business results.

Minimize expenditure, reduce complexity, enhance user adoption, and add value.

Facilitate strategic convergence of business & IT to swiftly capitalize on opportunities.